Saturday 26 September 2009

Cabot Circus is One!

We do not denounce Cabot Circus. Yes, it may contain the same featureless chainstores as broadmead used to have, but it keeps the rain out, and doesn't have the traffic jams to fear near Cribb's Causeway. Last week it celebrated it's first birthday. Despite some shops "going away" it has survived.

Time to get down there and celebrate. Except by the Harvey Nichol's Junction, where the memorial to Troy Atkinson reminds us that a road design that allows anyone to drive through the shopping area has cost the city one teenager already.

Further in to the area, you can see how the slightly narrowed pedestrian crossings provide somewhere for pedestrians and vans

There are designated parking areas for disabled drivers, taxi drivers and buses, as well as bike parking for tax-dodgers, but there is nowhere apart from these build-outs for vans. Further down. Direct to You Cleaning Services are taking advantage of this implicit facility.

Interesting. VA06DDN is a vehicle we've seen before. The longer Bristol Traffic stays up, the more data we have on who in our city is doing their best to challenge the greens-and-council anti-car conspiracy.

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