Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Skateboarders: they dont pay road tax either

"Adam" sends us a link to a shock video showing skateboarders in the city -not just in their little skate parks, but out in the streets, the underpasses, the steps of offices.

They are not only holding up cars, they are endangering pedestrians, especially tax payers who work in the offices seen the photos. They should stop it at once.


Unknown said...

I enjoyed this video a lot, so much so I was one of those skaters, i think this is low, i enjoy your blog a bunch but skaters are always picked upon, always.
Give us a break?

Unknown said...

If you read the rest of the blog you'll see it's satirical (cue: oh no it isn't). Not many fanatical drivers would approve of this blog.

Quercus said...

To paraphrase a classic line: "nothing like the sound of skateboarders in the morning".

On seeing this my children named nearly everyone in the video. Next thing you know they'll be hanging out with cyclists too...

SteveL said...

We resent the accusation that we are some kind of satire. We are a documentary and part of the pro-car lobby.

That said, the criminalisation of skateboarding is a good metric of crime in an area: when the PACT meetings are spent discussing teenagers skateboarding, that's success. It means the other forms of misbehaving in a city are not taking place in that area.