Sunday 20 July 2008

Bristol Motorcycle City

One unmentioned beneficiary of the Cycling City initiative will be Bristol's motorbikes, who can take advantage of the bike parking in Gloucester Road, thus avoiding having to block the bike lane the way cars need to.

In broadmead, a couple of bike park slots provide a great place for a bike. Some people may argue that there are areas for motorbikes, areas marked Solo M/Cs, but as these are used by cars, motorbikes only have one remaining option: the cycle stands.

There are also lots of motorbike friendly short cuts

You can recognise these by the drawing of the motorbike with the red ring around them.

1 comment:

Noel said...

There is a fairly sizeable dedicated motorcycle parking area right on the edge of broadmead on the corner of Castle Park. No biker could get away with the excuse "the bike parking was taken up by cars".

Thats just sheer lazyness, pure and simple.