Wednesday 30 July 2008

Parking Lessons

One photo we are always fond of is the learner-car-parking-bristol-style snap; the car doing something that would have the driver fail their test instantly, but which are a prerequisite to driving and parking round the city. Speeding, running traffic lights, anything of that nature, though parking is the easiest to snap.

Here Robbie's Driving school, car a blue renault clio WV06FXL, teaches a learner driver the correct way to park on double yellow lines. Notice how well the car is parked -aligned with its neighbours, and not even blocking the corner. This is skilled parking.
{car: WV06FXL; location: kingsdown}


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget an essential part of a driving insructors job is to pick up pupils and as we all know you may stop on a double yellow line to pick up or set down passengers. just to clarify

SteveL said...

May you also stop on a double yellow line for the driver to get their settled in phase, which for a learner takes about 5-10 minutes as they get reminded of the basics of driving? For that is what appeared to be going on?