Thursday, 10 July 2008

Considerate Parking

Here we see how to park a car carefully near a school without endangering pedestrians or inconveniencing other road users.

Whoever parked this car did it in parallel to the kerb, did not get any wheels on the pavement and is in fact far enough away from the corner from the junction. This high quality parking.


Dave said...

That's hardly fair. Without an explaination of this how are we to know who parked it or how it caught fire. Some one could of left it legaly parked to come back and find it torched. Or it could of been a engine fire, which would explain the open bonnet.

SteveL said...

Good point. How about I pull the location so that we arent picking on any specific area?

Noel said...

Mmm nice!

Btw u hear anything about the suitcase sculpture on the railway path? It seems that it has been stolen!

Anonymous said...

I'd say the only considerate, ecologically friendly way to own a car full stop - have one that's been on fire.

Sure, there are some emissions from the car fire ittself, and the smoke and flames can be dangerous and anti-social. But in the longer term, cars that have been on fire like this are much less likely to injure or kill anyone.