Monday 14 July 2008

Why the CPZ is wrong: working vehicle parking

We are ingratiated to the white vane W286 LHY for showing us why the CPZ would be so destructive to everyday working vehicle use in the city.

If the city became residents only, there would be no way a working vehicle, which needs to travel around the entire city, would be allowed to park on the pavement over double yellow lines except in a restricted set of streets near their home. This would destroy the entire value of the vehicle.
Now, readers of this blog may have noticed that we have, in a short amount of time, built up a large amount of photos of cars and vans doing exactly this: pavement parking over double yellow lines. This is because so many vehicles in the city park this way. Why? Well, the reason the lines are there are because the road is too narrow for cars to park on that side. So if you are going to park here, the only way to do so is on the pavement. These drivers have no other choice. They are forced to. And if the CPZ comes along, that option will be taken away.

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