Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Range Rover: All parking tickets will be offset

This site is gradually building up a datset of vehicles, but not one that is statistically valid. We can't say "silver cars are more likely to park illegally than blue ones", because we don't have the data on all the cars parking legally. All we have are photos sent in by our team members on their journeys round the city. However, in our current photoset, 100% of all parked range rovers we have encountered are either parked on the pavement, on double yellow lines, on the no-waiting bits by schools, or all of the above. That would appear to be somewhat significant.

It could in fact represent a design defect in the vehicle. It's just too wide to park in Bristol, and unsuited to reverse parking. Drive-in, drive-out parking is all you can do, which means you need to find big empty places (school no waiting zones) to drop your kids off.

Which is why we propose that just as Landrover offset two year's worth of Carbon on a new Landrover Discovery, when you buy a Range Rover, the company should offer to offset two year's worth of parking tickets. For vehicles YJ52NYE and L008YXR, that would make parking in Picton Street much less stressful. Indeed, it would make parking your range rover so stress free that more people in Montpelier could consider buying one.


Anonymous said...

Well now ... owning a Range Rover, in the city, does after all show just exactly how caring a person is. Specially if you add bull-bars.

Wicked blog!

Anonymous said...

Small world isn't it?