Thursday, 28 August 2008

Bristol Cyclist killed in North Somerset

The police are reporting that a cyclist was killed on Tuesday in a collision with something being pulled by an oncoming Landrover, in the village of Norton Malreward. This is pretty sad, and marks the second bike-related fatality this summer. Perhaps it is time that the Bristol Cyclists adopt a Ghostbikes style memorial process, though the fact that the bike would probably be stripped within a week kind of lessens the impact.

Meanwhile, Redland police promise to be tough on cycling, and tough on the causes of cycling. Or as they put it, The police will take a robust stance in relation to cycling offences whenever the opportunity arises. That's very reassuring, as it reassures the locals that their cars won't be scraped by bikes when parked on the pavement.


Chris Hutt said...

Thanks for posting that Steve. I've been saddened not only by the event but by the apparent indifference amongst other cyclists.

I don't understand why we don't get ANGRY when they kill one of our people.

We seem to just shrug our shoulders and say "bad luck" like we're prey animals that expect to lose a few every year to the predators.

WestfieldWanderer said...

As George Monbiot it's regarded by most as "just the price of doing business".

Basically we've just got hardened to this sort of thing.

Very, very sad.

SteveL said...

I can see how if you are a driver its viewed as a price of society, but as a cyclist, do I want to be forgotten so easily? I think we need to make it clear this is unacceptable.