Thursday 28 August 2008

Parking Services at work

It's a tough job for Bristol Council Parking Services. A losing battle. Resented by the people parking illegally for their enforcement of the rules, bemoaned by the cyclists for their unwillingness to enforce rules. Look at this as an example. A van on double yellow lines and a bike lane in Midland Road, St Philips. Should it be ticketed for half-blocking a bike lane?

What about having only two thirds of the vehicle length on the lines? Again, tough call.

This is a tough problem. These are the decisions that Bristol's Parking Services have to consider, day after day. Should they punish someone for parking illegally during an attempt to get their work done, or should they just say, "no, we understand what its like. Just park where you want, we won't ticket you"

Certainly for this vehicle, WDO4 RXP, propery of Bristol Parking Services, whoever was driving it on at 14:02 on 27 August 2008 managed to dodge the bullet -no ticket on their windscreen!

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