Monday, 4 August 2008

Rain Work

If you drive to work in Bristol, you have no idea how long it is going to take. In your head, you have that "17 minutes", the fastest it ever took, some time at 7:15 in the morning during school holidays. That "17 minutes" becomes a goal, one you never quite see again, as instead you get to take that long getting through two traffic lights somewhere near Filton or the A4 towards Bath.
Not being able to predict arrival time means you have to set off early, or compensate for delays by driving extra badly.

If you take a bus, well, you not only have the same unpredictable journey time, there's no way to compensate once you run late. Which leaves the trains, walking and cycling. Trains support a few routes, while walking works well if you live near where you work. Only cycling offers long-distance travel with predictable journey times.

Unfortunately, in exchange for that predictable journey time , you gain a different bit of uncertainty: how wet you will be when you get there. And today, with agressive showers running across the city during the morning, there was a lot of uncertainly.

Here is Saint Andrews roads and the park, all shining in the sun, but shining because of all the surface water, standing out against the black clouds of the next shower.

Still, some people seemed to be out enjoying their ride. You just have to accept that although it is mid-August, hence technically "summer", a waterproof is something you need to wear. At least at this time of year, once your legs get wet, they don't get too cold.


WestfieldWanderer said...

It is indeed summer.
It's easy to tell.
The rain is warmer than in winter.

SteveL said...

Its lighter on the way home too. Instead of cycling home in the dark and wet, you cycle home in the light and wet.