Friday, 22 August 2008

Datamining the audience

For the past couple of weeks this site has been running Google Analytics, where we past and batch process this through their MapReduce infrastructure to analyse the traffic. Here are the search terms that brought people to the site so far this month, in order of popularity (and then alphabetical).

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What's interesting is that many people seem to be searching for places to park in Bristol, or how to actually reverse park a car. The answer to the first question is: you park your car wherever there is room. Zebra crossings seem to work well.

To learn to reverse park a car, fit a tow bar so that you get warning of hitting another car before you do any damage to your own. Then reverse slowly but turning the wheel sharply. It's OK to end up on the pavement, better that than scratching your wheels on the kerb. Drive backwards until you touch the car behind, then straighten up, again going forward until you touch their tow bar. If you are too far away from the kerb, repeat. Be careful of parking into cars with alarms that go off when you bump them.

Finally, apologies to whoever was searching for a mixed-race escort in Bristol. No, that's not what gets covered here.

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