Saturday, 5 September 2009

Evening on Muller Road

Muller Road, evening. A line of cars, not moving, heading back towards Horfield. Where are they coming from? A mystery.

Where are they going? That's clearer. The M32, and then onwards: M4, M5. Out. It is everyone's right to live a long way from their place of work, and the duty of the governments to take whatever measures it deems necessary to ensure that the petrol keeps flowing at a price the voters deem acceptable. It is also required to provide the roads needed to keep the cars moving, and here they fail.

This road has pavement on two sides, yet almost nobody walks on this, the purdown hill side. It would be trivial to remove the pavement, take a bit away from the hill, and what do we have? Another lane for cars. That is, provided it is kept for cars. If they turn it into a bus-lane, or worse, a bike lane, that would be a waste.

On that topic, we were pleased to hear the AA on the radio earlier in the week, complaining that it now costs an extra 2p/Litre. Yet they said something we disagree with. Their so-called spokesman actually advocated funding public transport from our road and petrol taxes. This must have been a slip of the tongue, as that is one step from advocating funding bicycles.

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