Sunday, 6 September 2009

Traffic Calming the Railway Path

The greenbank development has surfaced again, with the developers asking for more input on their plans to build houses straight on to the path. The previous proposal was rejected by the community as having 20 paths opening on to the path was felt to be dangerous.

This time the community has the option of the same number of paths, or half as many, with the option of traffic calming. Oddly enough, there is no option to reject the proposal, which is clearly a bug in the web page design. It's tricky, getting those <select> buttons right.


Jon Rogers said...

Morning BT

It is not the developers, but the city council asking for input on the access arrangements across council land at edge of Railway Path onto the path.

The plans for the Chocolate Factory site already have planning permission.

"The access from the houses to the cycle path is part of the ongoing discussion with BCC regarding an easement across the verge."

There is more in last weeks Evening Post article...


SteveL said...

Somethings gone wrong here; there was meant to be more text and a photo. Expect a complete post to come up later in the week, with a picture of our plan for traffic calming that works.