Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Breaking news: lockleaze to be less forgotten

There are signs up hinting that Lockleaze is to be less of a forgotten quarter, primarily by adding more houses. A forgotten half, then.

The locals are upset about this, in the form of the lockleaze voice, and are organising a meeting with the council today, July 27, at 7pm in the Cameron House.

Some people no doubt expect us to be in favour of turning the green fields of Lockers into housing, but oddly enough, we aren't.
  • Without adding a new dual carriageway up to the North Fringe, it will only make congestion on Muller Road worse.
  • We are worried that it will force the teenagers on their motorbikes elsewhere, such as in our way on the road.
  • There a no plans for a heliport. Helicopter parking is a popular need, yet there is nowhere safe to do it.
  • We quite like looking at greenery when stuck on the M32.
  • Important celebrities undergoing coke and alcohol dependency treatments at the discreet clinic nearby do not want look at the little people.
Consider attending if you too find your concerns coincide with ours or those of the residents themselves.

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