Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Police target 'selfish' cyclists in Bath

According the BBC, the police in Bath are to warn and even fine cyclists who ride on the pavement.

A force spokesman said: "Riding on the pavement is antisocial, selfish and potentially dangerous. We're determined to do something to stop it."
He added: "[Cyclists] riding on the pavement is one of the most common complaints we receive from the public.

Yes, we complain. Look at this pavement in Lockleaze. There is no way that any pavement cyclist could get past this lovely van WV57VBZ without damaging its paintwork.

And here, on Cheltenham Road, any cyclist who rides on the pavement swerving past the door of the van 996901 could hit the pedestrian or the paintwork on the car KP59NHG.
The tax-dodgers have bike lanes? Why are they so selfish that they don't use them?

As the article says
"The issue is consistently a top priority raised at the regular police Partners and Communities Together (Pact) meetings.
"Officers in the city centre will be concentrating on illegal bike riding for the foreseeable future."
They must read our web site. Or the Evening Post.

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