Thursday, 8 July 2010

Breaking news: Mobility Vehicles pay no tax either!

We are pleased to see the Evening Post commentator team have turned their attention from one enemy of our city -the cyclists - to another: the elderly and their transport options.

Here on Cotham Brow we see one out on the road, swerving past the van WV55UED parked on zebra crossing zig-zags  -a van which, were it to say Siemens Traffic Control- would be allowed to park there unharassed by the parking police.

The disabled person in a mobility scooter is not paying any road tax, and as it is an electric vehicle, no fuel tax.
Yet it holds up white vans, the lifeblood of the city

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Quercus said...

I know that man.

A very famous artist, over 90, and very brave as he's also quite capable of using St Michaels Hill, too.

Both up and down.