Wednesday 28 July 2010

Shared Space at work

Lovely photo of how the Shared Space idea, where the lines between pavement and road are blurred to produce a safer environment, helps on Dovercourt road between Horfield and Lockleaze -this road is also going to be part of the North Fringe cycle route, if funding for the bridge at the bottom doesn't get taken away and used for something useful like parking by a school.

Look how this stretch of pavement not only provides somewhere safe for children to play, but parking for a van, the minivan K648EJH -and a bus stop!

If you look at the full size image, you can see the woman in the photo is happy, she really must appreciate this shared-space infrastructure, giving her somewhere pleasant to stand while waiting for a FirstBus bus to turn up.


maliknant said...

Wot wot! Damned silly place to put a bus stop! Couldn't they see what a great spot it is for van parking?

Rhode Long said...

I am impressed that this was achieved by the council at minimal cost without the need to splash lots of expensive paint around. I realise that zig zags and double yellows are a good indicators of parking spaces but in these times of austerity then we have to be flexible and learn to park wherever such obvious signs are missing.