Sunday, 19 September 2010

Free Bristol Primark Parking

The very street names "Horsefair" and "Haymarket" remind us how at one time our ancestors, the city's gentry, went about their business on horseback, generously helping the city's economy by providing jobs for your ancestors, the city's poor, grooming the horses and cleaning the streets after them.

It's still the case today, as we motorists create useful employment in a range of workplaces from car-washes to hospitals. But the respect has gone. Even the city council will only allow tax-dodging cyclists and pedestrians the freedom to turn from Haymarket into the Horsefair.

Therefore we admire the driver of S988RVM who has asserted his ancient right to stop where he wishes in the centre, while
forcing any cyclists to dismount as a demonstration of respect.

(photos and lovely text by "anonymous").

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Rhode Long said...

I love the regal wave from the vehicle too - almost pope like! Clearly someone that knows their place above others