Saturday 18 September 2010

More Salsa issues

Art of the Possible said...
"Be it St Pauls ... or St Werburgh's."

Maybe I've been taking the same stuff as your Monotonix videoist, but these two film clips look like the same place to me.
That's OK. We celebrate dissent, though we do add your names and comments to a spreadsheet, just to make sure it stays within clearly defined limits -and that when you cross them we know how to find you. Just remember there's a monument at the top of St Michael's Hill to where protestant dissenters were burned alive in the time of Queen Mary I, and you'll know what we're thinking of when people start criticising us too much.

Reviewing the videos, yes, our IT minions had mistakenly put up two videos of St Werburgh's and none of St Pauls. To compensate, as well as beating them soundly, we made them put up some St Pauls photos and videos.

First, you can see how City Road -and hence our access to Rita's and Slix takeaways- is blocked by pedestrians who are completely ignoring any cross/don't cross signs. They should all be fined for this.
Next, you can see how drum bands cause as much a congestion problem as salsa dancers.

Again, a lack of respect for us, the motorist, shows.

Finally, shocking footage of police horses riding the wrong way up a a one way street.

Do they pay tax? Do they have insurance? Yet the pedestrians walk and the horseriders ride around our city as if it were made for them.


between-the-lines said...

Well, I'm sorry, but yesterday it wasn't beating but execution you were talking - so you must be going soft.

Anyway, spare the sword, for now at least, because your IT minions may not be as incompetent as you might think.

Their SEO skills are clearly satisfactory, for on searching for a final solution to "anarchist hippies" your blog comes up #1 in tackling this menace to good mechanical order.

Bristol Traffic ftw!

Bristol Traffic said...

If you follow our dataminining posts you will see that we work with our strategic partners, especially Yahoo! and Google, on such issues.

This is why we come in at #2 on searches for "hi-viz fetish", and compete with Bristol Graffiti for images related to Ninetree Hill. We also get enough visitors looking for massage parlours in different parts of the city that we are wondering how to monetize such searches.