Friday 3 September 2010

Monty Week: robbies driving school

Again, we see how some driving schools teach proper Montpelier-style driving skills.

Today, FD59EPK of Robbies Driving school - a regular contributor to our site- shows an important technique: how best to block a bike lane with double yellow lines while you shop. The secret: put your hazard lights on.

The flashing lights says "only five or ten minutes" or "important", so they are useful tools to use. Our Monty MOT will check that they work, it's the indicators for pulling out/changing lanes/turning that won't be checked for.

When the Stokes Croft Tesco mini-mart is opened behind where the car is,  knowing how to park here will be an invaluable skill. This bike lane -and the one opposite- will be only shoppers parking available.

1 comment:

Rhode Long said...

I am glad to see the driving schools keeping up to date with the requirements of modern day city driving. The sooner the official test does the same the better. No more questions on passing horses on country lanes, instead correct tesco-express parking and the real use of cycle lanes. My only disappointment is that they are not teaching people in an SUV which is a more appropriate city car.