Saturday 11 September 2010

Hints of a rebellion

Earlier in the week, the infamous Bristol Blogger, tipped us off :
"I overheard some dangerous anarchists last night discussing dropping stuff off at their annual bookfair on Stokescroft.

And their plan? To stop and unload outside the venue on the cycle lane!"
We checked, and yes, the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair is on September 11 at Hamilton House, home to reasonable beer and some subversive cyclists.
However, if you are starting a revolution, parking on a bike lane in Stokes Croft is hardly an auspicious way to do it. Look, earlier in the week, our famous YA55VDY is out there, unloading stuff on a bike lane. Everyone does it. It's the only free parking in the area.

It's not exactly a Battleship Potemkin or seizing of the Bastille class event.

Come on subversives, try harder!

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between-the-lines said...

If only these anarchist hippies - who you so rightly condemn on this blog - could learn decent, normal and caring behaviour like this gentleman. He understands that parking is a right.

So, parking on the cycleway is a good start, but one measly car for a few minutes is just not good enough. Get a convoy of SUVs parked there all day and we motorists might start to believe the anarchists are joining the human race.