Wednesday 1 September 2010

How to get ahead in advertising

Is the recession affecting your business?. Well, don't worry!. Come to Bristol where you can enjoy free(ish) parking which can help lower your advertising costs. For a limited period only, Bristol business can relax and feel free to advertise as suggested above. Don't worry about creating a blind spot on a bend. They just make life a bit more interesting for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists,mounted police (including those patrolling the Railway Path nearby) other drivers and, being the main road into an industrial estate, large HGV drivers too. The double yellow lines are a nice touch-highlighting the car like giant go faster stripes. And you can add a sexy tilt by using the pavement, so that pedestrians can also enjoy the car showroom experience without having to lean over the kerb too far.

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Forest Pines said...

I never realised this, but apparently it's illegal to have a "this car is for sale" sign in a car window when said car is on a public road. I only found out about this on a day trip to Porthcawl, where the seafront parking signs include chapter and verse from the relevant law.

There was, of course, a car with a for sale advert in the window parked right under the sign. Should have taken a photo...