Tuesday 11 January 2011

Bus lanes: there for the taking

A lot of our fellow warrior-motorists complain that bus lanes have taken up away a lot of the road capacity of our cities. Far from it!
They have only taken away road capacity from those drivers too timid to use the bus lanes!

Look how here on a weekday evening on Cheltenham Road, the showcase bus lane provides a fast alternative to a congested private vehicle lane -for anyone bold enough to get in and use it!

If there's only one complaint, the moment the bus lane ends, someone in a 4X4 has half parked up on the pavement, so forcing us to swerve back in to the main traffic route.
This is insensitive parking that fails to take into account the needs of fellow motorists.

1 comment:

Wuffles said...

4x4 outside Hush Bar? You can guarantee it's G3 HUS (Kia Sorrento) - sporting some collision damage I noticed recently.