Wednesday 12 January 2011

Dighton Street: An update

We are busy watching the Walthamization of Dighton Street -all is going well, at least according to this video.

this time not only is another car parked outside Pizza Go-Go in the bike lane, showing how bike lanes benefit takeaways by providing somewhere to park, we see the minicab AE04NDG, taxi #2525, taking full advantage of those cycling facilities.

First, it's stopped part on the pavement, part on the road -but note how no wheel is actually in the bike lane. Then it pulls out -no need to indicate, it's a quiet day, and drives forward, where an ASL provides somewhere for the vehicle to wait for the light to change.

Such use of the cycling facilities of this part of the city ensures that the residents of Bristol do get some use of them. Note how our tax dodging cycle camera person (sorry!) opted to use none of them on this part of the journey. If they aren't going to use such features, well, we motorists may as well!


Cheffervescence said...

This just misses my favourite piece of useless cycle infrastructure - the short section of cycle path veering up onto the pavement outside the church on Jamaica Street!

Valerie Sinatra said...

Of course it's very difficult to prosecute people driving into ASLs when the light is already red. Not sure how you'd ever catch them at it. It would involve some sort of futuristic moving image capturing device, which of course is way beyond the means of the Police services. Almost impossible.

Valerie Sinatra said...

Also if you pull out when eating a slice of pizza with one hand it's actually more dangerous to use the other hand to use the indicator instead of keeping it on the steering wheel.

As for rolling into the ASL, I think you'll find that "the roof of my mouth was being scorched by hot pizza" will hold up in court as just a valid excuse as "the sun got in my eyes". It's a fact of nature and one we just have to accept.

Bristol Traffic said...

@Cheffervescence, that's in the queue, heading in the other direction.

Bristol Traffic said...

@Valerie, someone forwarded me on an email they'd sent to the taxi licensing authority taking this video -without our permission- and asking for the driver to be reminded of the highway code's rules. This is needless harassment!