Monday 10 January 2011

Kingsdown RPZ, interesting, but too early to reach a conclusion

We've been driving round the new RPZ; watching. It's not until the students are back with their cars and their lessons that we'll see how it works, so right now it's in a transitional phase.

What is interesting is how much empty space there is. Here on Dove Street, the entire side of the road that you can park on legally is empty, though the Mercedes driver still wants to avoid the challenge of crossing the road.

Perhaps they didn't have a permit, and as the penalty for paveparking by a yellow line is the same as a non-resident in the resident area, you may as well park closest to your destination.

Elsewhere, the new restaurant Alfred's has space outside it in Alfred Place for lunchtime customers.
And along the road, a view of what the houses must have looked like in Georgian times, before modern inventions came along.
Most interesting was on Somerset Street, which is yet to be repainted. Look closely at the ground here, on Spring Hill
That faded paint implies there has always been a keep clear zone here. We never knew that -all we could see that it was an ideal place for wide vehicles to park. The markings on the ground imply the anti-motorist council will not just leave the obsolete signage to fade, they will be adding double yellow lines instead.

We close by sending our team cyclist round the area (sorry, but we did wait until a Sunday), to get a video. This shows us a number of things.

  1. There are some interesting pubs in the area.
  2. A loading zone is no substitute for zebra crossing zig zags if it involves more walking.
  3. Someone has added parking spaces to Nine Tree Hill.
That final point is interesting. Until now, Nine Tree was lost space, you could park there, but then you could get a ticket. Now locals can park there. How do they get out of this dead end? Presumably by reversing down the road which today is only used by cyclists and pedestrians walking up the hill. Even so, four extra spaces there barely compensate for all the lost corners. Our footage of this area will have to be preserved for posterity, "Kingsdown before the changes came"

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nfo said...

Here's another interesting consequence of the RPZ. Much of Woodland road (owned by the university, used for teaching, primarily arts and social sciences) is inexplicably included in the RPZ, which means any students living within the zone, and having paid for a permit, can now drive to and park at university.