Sunday 9 January 2011

Is "The Fringe" a sign that Cheltenham Road is being gentrified?

We like that bit of the A38 from the Arches to Stokes Croft: our bit of the city. Wide roads, bus lanes to drive and park in, and shops for our lifestyle. As well as the minicabs, there's the car stereo place before Kwik-fit.

Which is why, while we were out stalking the pedestrian from Cromwell Road that we saw something to shock us. A new hairdressers, the fringe.

Looks pretty, doesn't it? But what's that in the window?
A sign
(From Monday-Friday)
Apparently cyclists can bring their bicycles into the hairdressers and get a haircut while their bike is kept safely out of the rain, secure from theft or damage.
Can you do the same with a car? No. You can't even park in the bus lane for half an hour for a haircut, not with the CCTV enforcement that's now underway.
The sign in the hairdressers is is a terrible sign. What it really says "we are at risk of losing Cheltenham Road".


Unknown said...

I don't quite follow the logic, so the gentry universally cycle and everyone else drives?

Bristol Traffic said...

They aren't so much landed gentry as subversives, so its a subversification, a montpelierisation, but you have the basic idea.