Tuesday 2 June 2009

Bristol Traffic is one Year Old!

The Bristol Traffic blog/web site is now one year old.

That is a whole year documenting the thoughtless actions of an anti-car council, its mindless persecution of car drivers innocently parked on yellow lines -such as the car YPO7ACO. We've also looked at how the schools and city have failed to adapt to the new rules of school runs: cars on pavements are how to get your kids to school, and anyone who thinks differently deserves the treatment delivered in our forthcoming Steiner School Mum-rage video.
Some people think this site is some kind of satire site, or cynical commentary but if you look at the Association of British Drivers web site, you have to wonder which site is the real spoof. We are not the ones using Comic Sans font, after all.

We are a documentary, with a not-very-hidden agenda of building a city-wide community-sourced oppressive state from the active participation of people across Bristol. On that note, can we thank everyone for their participation! Be they the traffic or the photographers! Without those photographs, we would have nothing to comment on.

Have fun out there, enjoy a dry week.

The Bristol Traffic Team


Dru Marland said...

happy birthday! Damn, I wish I'd taken a pic of the police car parked across the dropped-kerb corner near Westbury Park primary this morning... always carry the camera....

SteveL said...

-Terry Miller of the cycling campaign says that the police can do what they want when they are on call. So amusing and it is, and a bad example to everyone else, we just have to accept it. Pity.