Monday 22 June 2009

Corner Work in Barton Hill

Ever come across a street that hasn't got any cars parked on it? Spooky isn't it. You always get that feeling that it must be for a reason. You double check just to make sure there are no signs around prohibiting you from parking. There aren't and there are no yellow lines either. The street is nice and wide and not near any schools or emergency facilities. But why is no one parked here?
When faced with this sort of surreal and perplexing situation it's always best to be sure to park up the pavement just in case. After all it might also be disallowed for you to park in the carpark for the flats that you're visiting 10ft further round the corner. And if a traffic warden does visit while you're inside the flats doing your computer work then at least they'll recognise the now widely accepted parking style that unmistakeably says "It's okay, I'm only here for a minute or two". And remember, the further up the pavement you can get, the more seriously the wardens will take your message.

Today's public information announcement has been brought to you by Computerhire South West of Kingswood, Bristol, the colour Silver and the letters and numbers S3CSW

(photo and text by "AG", thank you!)

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