Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Farm Pub Path: open to samba and other marching bands

The Farm Pub Path has long linked Muller Road with the village that is St Werbugh's "under the tunnel", a village which, unlike many rural villages, still boasts a decent pub and a thriving agricultural industry, albeit one not considered legal by this nation's drug laws.

You've been able to get from Muller Road/Horfield to the pub and back again on foot or by bike -but the one thing you have not been able to do is cross the allotments while travelling in a samba band. This has severely inconvenienced some potential path users, who like to travel in such a format for safety, and for the social aspects of travelling en-samba.

This weekend, the offical path opening took place.

As you can see from the video, the first testing of a sending a samba band along the path did prove successful, and the path is now open to all marching bands, be they samba, brass or bagpipe.

To celebrate the event, many people came out to enjoy the beers and cider on sale by the Farm Pub, the city farm and some local residents, before staggering home.


Thomas Guest said...

Farm Pub Path, eh? I always call it the B&Q Bikeway, since it's clearly been designed to get me to B&Q without encountering hills or motorised traffic.

It's a nice path but will become much more useful when they connect it up to the north of the city (Bristol Parkway, Bradley Stoke, Aztec West etc).

SteveL said...

@Tag -well, you must be the only person who drams of Muller Road. For that, we must extend or sympathies.

Anonymous said...

The village beyond the tunnel is called 'Ashley Vale'. Name predates St Werburghs, which was named after the church (or so I've been told).

Dru Marland said...

How about The Watercress Line? -nodding reference to Hampshire railway of course, but they used to grow watercress here, didn't they?

SteveL said...

Watercress? Interesting. The only problem is that as the route extends up into Lockers, it becomes harder and harder to join up the name with the area. Whereas the Farm Pub will always stay on the path. And believe me, even if it gets all the way up to Gainsborough Square, there aren't any other pubs on that route that merit a visit. Not unless the path heads west into Montpelier and you have the Star and Garter and Cadbury House.