Saturday, 27 June 2009

Steiner School Mum Rage video

Cotham Road. With the school building going on, the trees are missing, its more hazardous to cycle along, but at least the builders are trying to retain safe access for schoolkids from Cotham Grammar to their coaches, by providing somewhere for the coaches to park.
They have sign telling you not to park there.

Today, Bristol Parking Services are out to make sure that the sign is obeyed. That's their car behind the Renault, WP51XXU. Two parking officers, talking to a mum.
Not a Cotham Grammar School mum: one from Steiner School across the road. According to the web site, their slogan is "Where education is a journey, not a race". True, but there is always the parking at the far end. Today, the topic of Steiner School discussion is this: is it acceptable for a parent dropping off their child to stop coaches parking, hence endanger other schoolkids?
Alternatively: is it acceptable for the BPS staff to endanger children being dropped off, by stopping them parking? As you can see from the video, the officers are being given a fairly hard time, and yet taking it quite well.

In the background, one of the officers is saying that this is nothing, if you want to see a road where they get a hard time, go to Guthrie Road. Oh yes -been there.

(update: saw one of the mums in this video on a different day, trying to find somewhere to park her Mercedes R320 family-friendly-not-for-real-offroad SUV. Parking Services should recognise that only important people drive such important cars, and leave them alone)

(update2: patched in the video. Thanks Chris!)


Chris Hutt said...

So where's the video?

SteveL said...

oops! fixed!

Dru Marland said...

"We're talking about sharing". Good line. I'll use that next time I'm shoplifting...

Mitch said...

I can't see anyone being given a hard time here, just a polite conversation. What is the message you are trying to get across?

SteveL said...

@Mitch. That for some parents in Bristol, "safe route to school" means somewhere safe to park your car by the school entrance -even if this is at the expense of other schools or schoolkids. Any attempt by parking services to remove such options should be resisted. And, we don't say these parents are giving the officers a hard time, read the text again.