Friday 5 June 2009

Portsmouth Revisited: Albert Road

Last time our cameras visited Portsmouth, we were impressed by the bike parking along Albert road, but unhappy with the fact that it is still a 30 mph road.
Why? Because it reinforces the idea that you shouldn't cycle there, makes it more dangerous to walk across, and downgrades all the 20 mph side-roads. Side roads that have to deal with cars turning it at 30+ mph, and cars accelerating out of them as they approach a 30 mph stretch.
What's it like in summer? Busy. Busy with shoppers, busy with cars, full of parked bikes -and with a fair few families out.
No helmets, no high-viz, not even entry-level body-armour. Shocking.

There aren't even any cars parked on the zebra crossing. This is not Bristol.

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