Thursday, 4 June 2009

Secret Cabot Circus Parking

A regular search term that brings visitors is "secret Cabot Circus Parking", we like to oblige, even though the placement of any parking options on a web site tends to remove the "secret" nature.

This is by St James Barton Roundabout, and the Bear-Pit "park"; last time we saw this stretch of pavement, there was a car on it.
Today though, some militant cyclists appear to have snuck in ten sheffield racks. This is a major enhancement for the area, and the presence of one bike on a Saturday morning, and two locks, shows that at least three bikes are using it, assuming those two locks are for commuters.

The big question one has to ask when looking at this area, is what use they are? There isn't that much here, except the Bear-Pit itself, and you can take bikes in there if you wish to loiter in it. Of course, that park joins up with the Bus Station -indeed, for many of us late-arrivals to the city, the Bear Pit was our first encounter with it. As the bus station's six sheffield racks are always full, this stretch could be used as overflow parking for the city.

The other area it offers access to is the new Magistrates court. You only have run across the four lanes of traffic to get in there. The dropped kerb shows you where you should be running for your life.

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green tomato said...

that last photo, of the road outside the new magistrates court is almost top of the Bristol Living Streets List of 'crap roads to cross'.
You're wrong about the dropped kerb though - its so it's easier for non 4x4 owners to park there.