Saturday 6 June 2009

Stokes Croft Cycle Hub


Earlier this year we covered the lack of cycle parking in Stokes Croft. And the demise of The Junction. The latter still looks inevitable (it seems they accidently installed the required cycle stands next to the Bear Pit, not The Junction).

The former, however, has recently been addressed on an impressive scale. So, completely uncharacteristically (for me), I'd like to say "Well done Bristol Cycling City". The late-night denizens of the PRSC can now arrive in style, leave their two-wheeled steeds (relatively) safe, and party the night away at The Croft. Or have a nice bite at Cafe Kino. Or do a quick shop at the Here Shop and Gallery. (Is free advertising for nice people allowed on this blog?).

Personally, I reckon the new Sheffield stands in Nine Tree Hill are either a testament to the power of the internet, or a sign that someone from the council has actually started going to gigs occasionally. I'll ask around.

PS. If anyone from the council does read this, I'm off to the Cooler on Park Street next month, and the only close place to put a bike is the lamp post outside - how about a pavement build-out halfway down Park Street with cycle parking? Then the post box could also be relocated here, and all the clutter would be out of the way of pedestrians. Just a thought.


SteveL said...

product placements? go for it!

Chris Hutt said...

Nice idea to use pavement build-outs to take some of the 'street furniture'/clutter that obstructs the footways. I'll send over some pics of likely candidates for that treatment.

kasper said...

How about some build-outs n the cluttered side of Gloucester Road. The pavement is far too narrow here. Better still, let's get rid of parking on this side of the road and there would be room for a proper bike lane and a wider pavement.

SteveL said...

If you are thinking of the east side -the ones with the bread store and the pubs, it is way too narrow even for pedestrians, but there is the problem that the car parking is a bus lane for 5 hours a week, part of the GBBN. Now, turning the lane into pavement would help there, if you stop cars parking on it. bike lane? Better to have a 20mph road.

Check out the portsmouth Albert Road photos to see some good and bad ideas. Good: parking, bad: the road and its speed limit

SteveL said...

This bike park is the only place I've seen a bike with a pair of suspension forks stolen. Lock up well.