Thursday 11 June 2009

The Georgians in Clifton

It's difficult owning a car in Clifton. Commuters, students, shoppers, and tradesmen, as well as residents, need somewhere to park. As do the Clifton Jet-Set with their 4x4s in The Mall.

So we can forgive the Purgeot R102OHT for just giving up and parking half of itself on a double yellow line. Probably a frustrated resident.

However, these Tradesmen, such as BF55OTL, are parked (only slightly on the pavement, and more on the double yellow lines) doing valuable work inside a splendid Georgian house. Or student dig.

But they couldn't get any closer to where they were working, because Georgian tradesmen used horses, not vans. Which lead to an interesting design choice when building their roads. Very car unfriendly, and not at all in keeping with the spirit of Modern Bristol.

This then begs the question - did Georgian Tradesmen park on the pavement, too?

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