Monday, 21 December 2009

Keeping the bike lanes clean: Environmental Waste Solutions

Who is this, Environmental Waste Solutions, on Cotham Hill, where we've been having a bit of lorry/bicycle problems recently?

Well, CN54EHH is collecting waste, this does keep the bike lanes cleaner

And while they are parked on the double yellows/bike lane on a weekday morning at school run time, forcing cycling traffic to swerve out onto the blind uphill lane, they are at least parked outside a hospital. Provided there is an A&E section in the homeopathic hospital, all will be well.

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Joe Dunckley said...

That Mitchell & Webb produced this short documentary film on the working of the Homeopathic A&E:

There must surely be a joke here somewhere about applying homeopathic principles to the provision of parking spaces, or something...