Sunday, 22 March 2009

Effective Physiotherapy #2

Here on this bright morning we can see another patient for the BRI physiotherapy unit practising their leg exercises, here by carefully reversing their golf up a bike lane and hence under the archway of this building.

Somehow the car Y956NLF has managed to get onto the pavement facing out -probably driving up onto the bike lane from Cotham Hill, then backing up onto the pavement at the dropped kerb. This will take careful clutch control (knee and quadriceps) as well as lots of arm/wrist/elbow work for the steering. A quick massage and stretch and the day's exercises will be complete

If the driver turns their head to look backwards, neck muscles too.

And there they are. You wouldn't notice they are there. By parking this way they do appear to be leaving room for another vehicle in front -maybe this is intentional?

(PS: please, no comments from random physiotherapists round the world hoping for some linking from our site. The comments will be deleted)

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