Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Team Psyclewerx

Who is this small child holding a very fancy looking bike outside Psyclewerx?

He is not just any small child, he is the bike shop's sponsored downhiller, Laurie Greenland, age 12. Recently taking part in the mini-DH races in the Forest of Dean, where he came he is 12 years old and he came 7th in his first race in the 12 - 14 years category

It may look too big from the front, but the back end is sized right for a kid, and the travel at both ends is fairly serious.

We don't know what the sponsorship deal covers, but it does apparently include free servicing. Given that the kid could do a wheelie -and none of us at Bristol Traffic can- we don't expect to get any such sponsorship any time soon. Which is a shame, as those brakes look like they'd be good in the wet.

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snafu said...

Less of the "small" child thankyou.

Afet all, kings have led armies into battle at this age.