Monday, 23 March 2009

The Former Bristol Bus Network

Gloucester Road on a Saturday morning. A queue of people outside the bread store. If you don't know why they are waiting, come down some time and get some of their chocolate croissants. the mini doughnuts go down well with kids, too. But plan your visit carefully if you want to come by bus.

Because that bus stop, the one with bus stop painted on the road in front of it isn't a bus stop.

There is a big sign "This bus stop is no longer in use".

Perhaps it is still there awaiting a pick up in traffic? Perhaps the advertising revenue justifies it existence. We think a sheffield rack under it would provide some dry bike parking and not inconvenience anyone at all.

As more of the FirstBus routes get shut down and rolled back, using their former bus shelters as bicycle parking would be a valuable contribution to a cycling city.


WestfieldWanderer said...

What a splendid idea!
We get covered bike accommodation and the shelter owner still gets his advertising revenue.

Anonymous said...

orrr move all those bins (pictured) in under it, so people could walk along the pavement.