Thursday, 12 March 2009

Traffic Calming the suspension bridge

Sunday morning is always good for a ride, be it an MTB one over in Ashton Court, or an on-road trip Portishead and then the coast road south. Both routes start with a crossing of the suspension bridge, which can be a source of car/bike conflict. As far as the cyclists are concerned, the lower speed limit and narrow roads means that they have the right to occupy a lane -as far as the cars are concerned there are bikes in the way.

Today, no conflict. Not because there's no traffic -there's a queue behind the camera.
The cars, however, are waiting patiently for this car in front, which appears to be parked, to somehow park in a way that isn't making it impossible for the cars to get past. As it just appears to be sitting there, the cars can't move and so the road is free for cyclists only to get out of town.

It was a very pleasant crossing -so much so that we believe this car N954NMW should be invited back every sunday morning, to create a traffic free bike route out of the city. No need for expensive cycle-city infrastructure, no need for mixed bike/pedestrian pavements, just park one or two cars at key road-closure points and and Bristol could become traffic free for a morning.

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Chris Hutt said...

The speed limit on the Suspension Bridge used to be just 15 mph and overtaking was specifically banned.

Then shortly after the dissolution of Avon County Council in 1996 the Suspension Bridge Trustees recruited an ex Avon traffic engineer as the new Bridgemaster. He promptly had the overtaking ban removed and the speed limit raised by 10 mph!