Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Ten Days that shook montpelier

We've been tracking what's happening since the police ticketed cars for parking in Montpelier. The answer is: it's taken ten days for the needs of the locals to overcome their fear of persecution and reclaim their pavements for cars.

We last saw this golf M554KAA, with a ticket on its windscreen for being parked in exactly the same place as it is now. It has reclaimed its place on the pavement -it will not be intimidated!

Why hasn't the Evening Post picked up on this persecution? When will it come out and support the motorists, the one's who really pay the taxes in this city?

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woodsy said...

"Why hasn't the Evening Post picked up on this persecution?"

Because it's probably indulging in its usual modus operandi: waiting for a fortnight and then regurgitating/mangling your original story without attribution.