Tuesday, 3 March 2009


The fiat X402EDB may appear to be endangering road users by blocking the exit of a downhill bike lane that corners into Woodland Road, on the popular sustrans-4 route to the university.

It is, however contributing to road safety.

Because it is not just sitting waiting, the driver is on the phone. They have pulled over to make or take a call. And as studies have shown that even hands-free phone calls are dangerous, it is far safer for everyone to have the car pull over than drive round.

It comes down to priorities. Which would cyclists prefer
1. Cars blocking bike path exits on downhills
2. Cars moving around with the drivers on the phone rather than paying attention
The choice is obvious. Stationary hazards are manageable; they can be dealt with. Drivers on phones are a death threat. We should celebrate this driver for the choice they have made.

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Emanuel Crisp said...

The other option being: don't answer your phone and look at the missed call later - you are much less likely to die or kill others.

As a cyclist it is very frustrating to be in a cycle lane, travelling at the same speed as the rest of the traffic, only to have a motorist drift into your lane and stop for a chat, forcing you to:

a) stop and curse
b) brake sharply, then squeeze yourself around them into the motorists' lane

Since when were phone calls so vitally important?