Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Monster Cycle

When is a motor cycle not a motor cycle? When it’s a Monster Truck!

Our St Werbian correspondent "DW" was on his way to a gig at St Georges on Wednesday the 11th of March and he spotted this amazing magic trick. This Mitsubishi Monster Truck AX56LAZ has transformed itself into a single Motorcycle and has quite neatly totally occupied the Motorcycle-only slot on Great George Street.

Better yet it’s totally jammed in by the car parking on the double yellows at the junction of Park Street.

When he came out of the gig – 2 and a half hours later – the truck was still there sans parking ticket.


Anonymous said...

brilliant site; need a 'search by registration number' ;)

Bristol Traffic said...

We do: it is called the google and yahoo search engines

joncrel said...

...I think there is a need for a 'citizen's parking ticket' (bit like a citizen's arrest :-).