Friday 21 May 2010

BT Openreach at Hampton house

We love Hampton House: a bit of the hospital at the top of the hill, a bastion of Bristolness. A Mock rural architecture with plenty of pavement to park on.

But what's this? A sign?

Hampton House is not
responsible for cars parked on
public highway
thank you

the management

Where is the sign? On the pillar between the staff car and the BT openreach van, to the right of the near-empty car park
You see, it's not just that people need to park on the pavement because they have no choice, or because a BT openreach van wouldn't have been allowed to use one of the parking spaces in the car park.
No, we park on the pavement to show that we are in charge, not those pedestrians who are always whining about something like no safe way to get over the road to the hospital. Let them drive! That's why the driver of FD55KMU parked here: to leave space for patients!

Note at the back of the van a sign, how's my driving, 0800 876 6699. No number to call with parking issues. They aren't relevant.  

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