Thursday 6 May 2010

Controlled Halt on Ninetree Hill

In 2009, an out of control car slid down here, saved from serious injury by the one-way sign.

This winter, someone else slid down here in a car and died.

The driver and passengers of this van VE03HLA must be grateful, therefore, that their unplanned contraflow work could be brought under control and that they could come to a halt without hitting any street furniture, Stokes Croft vehicles, or the cyclists and pedestrians on their way up the hill.

It still must have been quite a fright, to have your vehicle slide through the no-entry signs as you try and halt it on a steep climb. The Bastard Hills of North Bristol Ride will be coming up this way on May 23, so we hope the weather conditions are safe enough for cars and vans to descend safely.

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