Tuesday 18 May 2010

Learning to park properly

Petherbridge Way. Just off Muller Road, B&Q to the right, the Ford accident repair centre up ahead. To the left, the cycle-city money will be frittered away on some crossing, rather than spent funding PCSOs to beat cyclists soundly the way they deserve.

And what do we see today? The car transporter AY05BVE parked up on the pavement.

This is quite profound. It means that cars get their first "paveparking" experience before they even get unloaded and used in our city. This is their induction into the way that we, the citizens, have to park to protect our vehicles, and even then we worry about cyclists on the pavement. This is why the proposed bridge over to Dovercourt road concerns us: if cyclists really do cut left here then they may endanger the wing mirrors of cars that haven't even been bought yet. Who is going to pay for that damage? Not those uninsured tax-dodging cyclists, that we know.

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