Friday, 28 May 2010

The Friday Quiz Returns

After a break, and now that we've had a bit of summer, it's time for some fun again.

So here's a picture.

Is it just me or is there something wrong here?


Roger H said...

Yes - despite the pavement being clearly marked to show the pedestrians where to cross the side road, i.e. after walking several metres down it, they insist on taking the direct route, forcing cars turning off the main road to give way to them instead of vice-versa.

Valerie Sinatra said...

The drain is in the wrong place? It should be positioned in front of the drop kerb to catch buggy wheels and help discourage parents from walking with children.

SteveL said...

The listed pillars and trees on manor park prevent the pavement from being used for parking by us, the rightful owners of the pavement -the tax paying motor vehicle driver.

Ben Mottram said...

Why are there no cars parked on the corners? The council have even thoughtfully provided ramps for easy access by alloy wheeled vehicles.
Look at all that free parking going to waste and encouraging the tax dodgers to use the pavement for walking!
Shame on the local car drivers - use your free parking or it will be taken away and devoted to the tax dodging inhabitants of Bristol!

Anonymous said...

It really bugs me how these crossing places are often put just far enough up a side road for you to not be able to see traffic on the main road/see people on them when you are turning from the main road.

Joby said...

There's one fence panel 2ft shorter than the other in the house in the background?