Saturday 22 May 2010

Ninetree Cider: the rumour is true

Photographic proof that there is now a Ninetree Cider in existence, as the locals in the area get together to mutually convert their locally grown produce into a form that is more easily consumed.

While a bit of discreet agriculture is fairly common in the city, the fact that this group are doing it so blatantly as to have their own web site is unusual. There is no "Montpelier Homegrown" web site, no "St Paul's Ganja" pages, where other urban farmers can get together to discuss their issues, to refine the harvest.Yet these Kingsdown people -home of the dark tree festivals- will happily celebrate the spring by taking their garden apples and turning them into alcohol.

Apparently St Matthews Church -where the pressing takes place- is on the site of the original Ninetree Field, and there is a milestone in the back garden directing people towards St Pauls, where those other needs can be met.

We hear also of a Stokes Croft Streetfest on Saturday May 22, which means that, along with the Bastard Hills of North Bristol event the following day, the whole area will be somewhere either to avoid or cut loose in this weekend, depending on your mood.

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