Thursday 12 June 2008

Cycling to work makes for unhappy children

Here is someone who has just pulled his two kids up the hill from Montpelier to Cotham, doing the school run by bike. He's happy, he's had his morning's exercise.

But look at the children. They arent laughing. That little one in the back is wailing his eyes out.

And of course he is -there is no DVD player in a bicycle! Kids that go to school in a well-equipped car get a DVD player in the back -maybe one each to avoid sibling fights, and lower-end vehicles still let the kid play with their Nintendo DS. But here, on the bike, they just have to sit there.
This is so heartless and uncaring. Does the father not recognise the educational value of approved Disney DVDs? Does he not know that some of the games in a Nintendo DS can improve the education and skills of the child, so extracting a value from a long traffic jam? No, he's going to drop the kids off and zip off to work, thinking only of himself.

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