Sunday 1 June 2008

Probably didn't see the signs

A lot of driver groups (AA, RAC etc) complain about the sheer number of signs, how they distract drivers. That can be a problem, but Bristol drivers cope by ignoring them completely. Especially the small signs. Here, we have a Nissan X-Trail (WU56VFG) up on pavement.

It's a wide bit of pavement/extended parking area, but with the waste bins in the way, pedestrians get to walk on the road. Being a weekend, Aberdeen Road in Cotham is fairly quiet: about 1 car every 20 seconds. So, no risk. After all, if the council felt it was dangerous to park here, they'd have some signs up, saying something like "Show you care, park elsewhere". Or maybe "School" in big yellow letters.

(Incidentally, the driver came out when I was taking the second photo and told me that he'd only just arrived there. Strange, as the first photo is timestamped 20 minutes earlier. )


Anonymous said...

The best part about this photo, if you enlarge it, is the sticker in the window that says,

"Denied access to your children?"

Uhhhh... yup.

How about a new group, "Bristol pedestrians 4 justice?

adamx said...

I used to live directly opposite the school on Aberdeen Rd in the 1980's and it was just as bad then. One of my housemates took down a list of numberplates of cars parked on the zigzags to give to the head teacher. That caused some 'interesting' language from parents who'd been careful to spare their little offspring the dangers of walking to school