Thursday, 12 June 2008

Newly Qualified Driver -can't park on pavements yet

This car is driven by a newly-qualified driver, as shown by the P sticker on the Peugeot P817 OVV. The more obvious cue is that it is not parked on the pavement, merely on double yellow lines and completely blocking a bike lane that is a contraflow up Arley Hill.

This means that it is parked inconsiderately. When a bike has to swing round the car -as you can just see happening- they have to pull completely out in front of the oncoming vehicle -again, this is shown in the photograph.

This forces the car to slow down. How more inconsiderate can you be? If the car had parked with two wheels up on the pavement, there should just be enough room for the cars coming down the hills to squeeze past the bicycles struggling round the parked car.

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